Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Italy: Trash Riots in Naples

It's la dolce vita no more -- and certainly Naples isn't smelling very dolce as 5000 tons of trash build up on its streets. 5000??

Angry Neapolitans have begun to riot and set fire to the growing heaps of garbage, and of course there's some suspicion that organized crime (the Camorra) is involved. The Italian government leaps into action by sending in the army. Not an army of garbage-collectors. The real, actual army.

I can't resist posting this story because (a) I've been to Naples and didn't like it very well (sorry, Naples), and (b) I get the chance to give you this loopy quote: "The Italian army moved into Naples as tensions over the city's mounting rubbish crisis erupted in violence."

Rubbish riots. Stink, rot, and the threat of disease as the city drowns in its own foul effluence and decay. That's a great way to boost tourism, Italy. Clean up your act! Errr...Literally!

UPDATE: the BBC version of the report (link via Ninme) says that Naples is buried in 100,000 tonnes of trash -- and that 3 people have been hospitalized in the "trash uprising."

Now adding to the generally poisonous atmosphere is this little detail: "The EU says it is watching closely and is considering legal action for Italy's breach of European waste disposal directives." Well, of course it is -- what does the EU love more than directives?

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